Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boo whom???

    Recently the show "Aaja Mahi Ve" debuted on Star Plus. Dance shows are a form of entertainment. That real-life couples dance together is not a new concept. But, this show had a theme; where-in couples who participated in the show were lovers who had gone against the wishes of their families. Marrying against family's wishes is commonplace today. But, what smacks of all decency and family values is that you 'boast' of marrying someone against your family's wishes on national television. I just couldn't imagine that people can stoop to such lows, for 15 seconds of fame.

    During my college days, I was 'linked up' with a girl, though I always maintained that she was 'just a friend'!! Nothing new, you may say. But, that is not where I stopped. I went further to always clarify that I didn't have the confidence that we an acceptable pair for each others' families. Some of my friends still laugh at me for thinking long-term saying "who would disown their son/daughter?". Today, every time I watch the trailers of the show, I boost my moral-ego and feel happy that others don't see me plying cheap tricks on my own people.

    Compare this with another dance show like Boogie-Woogie. It has been running successfully for 12 years, without seasonal breaks. It still has the common people participating. It stands apart on the values of the participants, be it children or elders. It has a clear prohibition on participants performing for inappropriate lyrics, dance and costumes. They try to instil positive values in children and elders alike.

    So, would you say Boogie-Woogie "Boo"??

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